Our Mission

Whittier Meals On Wheels is dedicated to nourishing and enriching the lives of the home-bound by delivering healthy meals and services that promote self-respect and independent living.

Our Vision

Eliminate hunger, isolation and to foster independence.

13225 Walnut Street. Whittier, CA 90602
Phone 562-698-2750 FAX 562-696-8650

Forms that are required to register for home delivered meals are the application for Meals on Wheels and two copies of Agreement. The application and one agreement need to be filled out and returned, along with a check for $65.00 (non-refundable) before we can start you. The other agreement is for you to keep for your information. If there are two persons signing up, you can put all information on the same form identifying them individually with initials.

Our program has been designed for people that are homebound, (no drivers in the household) and are unable to care for themselves. We have volunteers that devote their time and gas for this service, so we must keep our service available for those in real need, who have no other way of getting food into the home.

We deliver meals five (5) days a week (Monday thru Friday) excluding holidays. We deliver two meals (lunch and dinner) each of those days, usually around lunch time. The cost is $6.50/day. Food is prepared at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Whittier. The only option available is 2% milk or no milk at all. Either way, everyone gets juice. In order to keep the cost low for the meals, there are no special or allergy diets available. You will receive whatever the hospital is preparing that day for their cafeteria.

It is important we have information in regards to someone we can contact in order to get a hold of you if you are not available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office.

Thank you!

Getting Started

1. Client Application Form (PDF)
To start we need you to complete and return to us your completed Application Form or we can help you do that over the phone. Some of the information you’ll provide includes:

  • Your address and special needs

  • Doctor’s contact information

  • Two emergency contacts


You are the lifeline of our organization … The Wheels!

Without the volunteers performing the home delivery of two meals a day, our homebound neighbors would be malnourished and isolated. Often our volunteers are the only person that they get to see or talk to all day. With two meals, a daily visit and a reassuring phone call, our homebound neighbors are able to remain in their own homes, well nourished and living independently.

Volunteer opportunities for meal delivery

Monday through Friday between 9:45 am – 12:30pm.

Volunteers utilize their own cars without compensation, however, it is not mandatory that you have a vehicle. We always maintain a driver and navigator/delivery person – 2 people in a car.

To become a volunteer for meal delivery we ask that you to come to the office and fill out a "Volunteer Registration Card."

We are very flexible and are grateful for whatever you are able to offer us. You let us know when you are able to volunteer and we’ll schedule you accordingly. Volunteers schedules range from once a week, to twice a week, to every week, to every month, to those individuals who prefer to be on-call.

If you have any questions, please call Elaine or Nicole at 562 698-2750

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